Australian motor vehicle emissions policy, 1970-96: a case of non-market failure

2017-04-10T02:17:25Z (GMT) by Mark Grenning
This is not intended to be the standard type of economics thesis. It examines a public policy - Australian motor vehicle emissions policy - from a public policy perspective. Public policy inevitably involves disciplines wider than pure economics, and emissions  policy is no different. These disciplines included chemistry, medicine, engineering, administration and politics. However, the discussion of the contributions these other disciplines make is not an end in itself but a contribution to my overall aim of answering an economic question - is the policy efficient? The cost of this public policy approach is that the thesis is longer than normal. The length has also been influenced by this thesis being the first comprehensive evaluation of the policy, so I had to give  you a lot of history which is presently not readily available. [...] <br>