Australian Company Results by Fine Industry 2000-2012 per Tax Office

<p>Changelog:</p><p>v2: provide sample analysis (graphs) in Word, Pages and PDF format. Using similar data from ABS 5204.0 Gross Value Added (GVA) by Industry i.e. production excluding price movements. ABS file and graphs created in attached file called GVA_ABS2012_5204.</p><p>v1: Contains ATO (Australian Tax Office) summary of Company Financial Results by fine detail industry (N>200); including Total Income, Total Expenses, Profit or Loss and Taxable Income or Loss. (2012 Total Income; $2,573B Profit $228B for over 700,000 companies)</p> <p>[Format: csv 2900 line file]</p> <p>[Format: xls 2900 line file]</p> <p>[Raw file: 12 xls sheets in one file] - included in case any errors adding year.</p> <p>[PLAY_onesheet: one xls sheet (2800+ lines) with year added as a column] - included in case any errors adding Industry.</p> <p>[PLAY_industry: one xls sheet with Broad Industry added as a column] </p> <p>Does not include other types of entities, such as Trusts, Partnerships, Employees or other Self-Employed not in a corporate structure.</p> <p><strong>For period 2000 to 2012, annually</strong>. </p> <p><strong>Note</strong>: Industries not normalised and some category changes noted across 12 years.</p> <p>Reformatted by Ferrers for ease of analysis, from ATO data.</p> <p><strong>Reuse</strong>; This data is useful for macro innovation estimation through increases and decreases in Industry size as measured by Sales and Profits, over time. Compare Fortune 500 data:</p> <p><strong>Next Steps</strong>: (1) Normalise Industries over time.( 2) Summarise Total Sales, Profit, Taxable Income by Year</p>