AtSAP5 is involved in the expression of NPR1 and NPR1-independent genes.

<p>(A-D) The expression level of <i>NPR1</i> (A), <i>PR1</i> (B), <i>RdR1</i> (C), and <i>GRXC9</i> (D) were analyzed by qRT-PCR in H<sub>2</sub>O (Mock) or SA-treated WT, AtSAP5 overexpression (AtSAP5-oe-4 and AtSAP5-oe-11) and RNAi lines (AtSAP5-RNAi-3 and AtSAP5-RNAi-7). Data represent mean ± SD; n = 3 biological replicates; *, p<0.05, Student’s t-test. The dashed lines indicate the sample with significant difference compared to WT. The colored lines indicate the significant difference was analyzed between corresponding samples treated with SA or mock. <i>Actin</i> was used as an internal control for normalization.</p>