Astronomy on Tap

2013-04-10T05:07:13Z (GMT) by Ashley Pagnotta
<p>Slides from my talk at Astronomy on Tap, held at The Way Station in Brooklyn, NY, on 9 April 2013. I hand-drew everything, scanned each of the drawings to JPEGs, and then put them into PowerPoint to create the actual slideshow. Because of the nature of the venue (at a bar, with an audience that consisted mostly of people who came there on purpose to hear astronomy talks, but a large number of folks who just happened to be at the bar that night), the talk was quick and brief and light on the science, big on the exciting stuff (Exploding stars! Dark energy!). In addition to being hand-drawn, these slides are very different from my usual fare, with almost no words on them. This will make it hard for a random passerby to follow the story--my verbal explanations were more important than usual, and those are regrettably missing. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me!</p> <p>(The Way Station is also known as The TARDIS Bar, because of the full-size TARDIS mock-up bathroom, hence the Doctor Who references in the talk!)</p><p><br></p><p>(Figshare only previews the first few slides. Download the PDF to see all of them!)</p>