Association of the protein tyrosine phosphatase non-receptor 22 polymorphism (PTPN22) with endometriosis: a meta-analysis

<div><p>ABSTRACT Objective To evaluate PTPN22 C1858T polymorphism and the risk of endometriosis. Methods A meta-analysis of 10 published case-control studies (from four articles), with a total sample of 971 cases and 1,181 controls, was performed. We estimated risk (odds ratio and 95% confidence intervals) of endometriosis associations with the C1858T polymorphism. Results A significant increased risk in all genetic models of the variant T allele with endometriosis (odds ratio: 3.14-5.55; p<0.00001-0.002) was found. The analysis without the study whose controls deviated from the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium exacerbated these effects in the homozygous and recessive models (odds ratio: 7.19-9.45; p<0.00001-0.0002). In the Italian subgroup, a significant risk association was found in the homozygous and recessive models (odds ratio: 8.72-11.12; p=0.002). Conclusion The associations observed between PTPN22 (C1858T) and the risk of endometriosis suggest this polymorphism might be a useful susceptibility marker for this disease.</p></div>