Assistant Professor / Data Management Specialist Example Cover Letter

2014-04-16T17:53:38Z (GMT) by Amanda Whitmire

I submitted this cover letter when I applied for an Assistant Professor / Data Management Specialist position with Oregon State University Libraries in May 2012. I was hired in July 2012, and started in the position in September 2012.

In the same vein as Konkiel (2014). I am sharing this letter in the hope that it will be helpful to others who may be seeking a similar position. I had never applied for a job like this before, and I certainly didn't come from a library background. I encourage more researchers to consider transitioning into the data stewardship field, and this letter shows how you can highlight how your skills are indeed transferrable.


Inspired by: Konkiel, Stacy (2014): Data Management / E-Science Librarian Example Cover Letter. figshare.