Assessment of stress perception and acquisition of samples to assess biological outcomes in exam versus comparison students.

<p>Note that T2 took place within the first two weeks after the written and before the oral part of the exam. A salivary cortisol profile was obtained the day prior to T2 to confirm altered cortisol diurnal profile in the exam group. In addition to assessing subacute stress perception, participants were assessed for mental health, other parameters of psychological strain and coping/resources, to ensure good health and resourcefulness. Abbreviations: <b>COPE</b>—coping strategies, <b>DHUS</b>—Daily Hassles and Uplifts Scales (Kanner et al., 1981), <b>HADS</b>—Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, <b>IES</b>—Impact of Event Scale, <b>PSQ</b>—Perceived Stress Questionnaire, <b>SOMS</b>—Screening for Somatoform Symptoms, <b>TICS</b>—Trier Inventory for the Assessment of Chronic Stress.</p>