Assessing bone thickness in the infrazygomatic crest area aiming the orthodontic miniplates positioning: a tomographic study

ABSTRACT Introduction: Due to the increasing use of miniplates for anchorage purposes in orthodontics, it is very important to know more about infrazigomatic crest anatomy (thickness), in adult patients. Objectives: Evaluate the infrazygomatic crest region thickness, in adult (male and female) patients. Methods: Cone-beam computerized tomography (CBCT) images from 40 patients were used to assess cross-sectional measurements of the infrazygomatic crest region. Measurement 1 considered thickness 2 mm above the distobuccal root of the permanent maxillary first molar, while measurement 2 was taken 2 mm above the first measurement. Results: The mean thickness of the infrazygomatic crest in males was 3.55 mm for measurement 1 and 2.84 mm for measurement 2, while in females these were 2.37 mm and 2.24 mm, respectively. Conclusion: The authors concluded that the overall mean thickness of the infrazygomatic crest was 2.49 mm with respect to measurement 1, and 2.29 mm for measurement 2, with no statistically significant differences between gender.