Assessing Risks

2018-02-02T04:50:04Z (GMT) by Amanda Capes-Davis Darryn Capes-Davis
<p><i><b>Assessing Risks at Work</b></i></p><p> <b><br></b></p><p>1. When should a Risk Assessment be carried out?</p><p>a. A work activity is new or when it changes</p><p>b. The hazards associated with a work activity are not clear</p><p>c. There are multiple hazards and it is unclear how those hazards may interact and what the overall risk may be</p><p>d. Mandatory for some hazards (Safe Work Methods Statement (SWMS))</p><p> <br></p><p>2. How should risk be assessed?</p><p>a. Consider how hazard may cause harm</p><p>b. Assess the likelihood of harm occurring</p><p>c. Assess how severe the harm could be</p><p> <br></p><p>3. Practical examples</p><p>a. Assess risks associated with hazards in a series of photographs</p><p>b. Use a risk matrix</p><p>c. Write up a risk assessment<br></p>