Assessing Collaboration and Knowledge Flow on Coatings of Metallic Glasses Obtained From Thermal Spraying Processes Using Bibliometrics and Science Mapping

Coatings of amorphous metallic alloys can be obtained using different thermal spraying processes, such as HVOF, plasma spraying, cold spraying and others. Although many studies focused on investigating scientific issues concerning apply amorphous metallic coatings using thermal spraying, less attention have been paid to evaluate how research institutes and companies are collaborating and influencing each other to promote new technologies. In this paper, we assessed the collaboration of organizations and the knowledge flow on this relatively new field using bibliometrics and science mapping. The method relies on scientific publications indexed in Web of Science and clustered into research areas using the CWTS Publication-level Classification System. These results provide useful insights about how players are organized and may be used in the context of R&D management, science policy and decision making.