Assembling the CIF-01 and CIF-11 with a robotic arm

2018-10-11T11:27:01Z (GMT) by Mark Stappers
<p>During the research into smart industry, there has been looked at what smart industry means and how it is already applicable in the automation industry. There has been look at the software package Automation-ML and the standards that it uses. Furthermore, there has been looked at the application frame that Automation-ML uses and if this frame could be used in a smart industry format. The conclusion of this research was that aspects like modularization, distributed control and flexible and reconfigurable manufacturing system could already be implemented. </p> <p>Automation ml has been researched and there has been specifically looked into the structure it uses and if this could be used effectively with smart industry. There was also looked at the data format it uses and if it could be ported to other environments for detailed development of systems. it could be a good format for a smart industry way of implementing solutions in factory’s and even beyond factory level. For now, it is still not enough developed to be of any use to hardware level and software level because you cannot port your solution to a PLC environment. You can however already define your tools and products and how there has to be interfaced between these items. </p>