Application to experimental data from the MCF-7 pulse labeling time course experiment.

A: We plot the diagonal term of the FIM computated at estimated parameter values and multiplied by , , to illustrate contributions from labeled and unlabeled fractions to estimations of degradation rates for different experimental points (MCF-7 experiment, 2, 4, and 8 hr) and fractions (labeled and unlabeled). The black lines are the limiting values for the according to Eq 20. B: The modified FIM term is computed for a range of labeling times for one of the fastest (at the 0.1% quantile) and one of the slowest (at the 99,9% quantile) genes (δfast = 0.79hr−1, δslow = 0.019hr−1). The normalization coefficient for the labeled and unlabeled fractions is adjusted in such a way that their sequencing depth (total mean read count) at time t equals the sequencing depth of the total sample.