Application of Short Fibers Reinforced Composites in Power Transmission Coupling

2017-10-01T09:13:04Z (GMT) by K. Hamza A. Y. Shash M. Abdrabou
<div><p>Abstract In this study the use of short glass, carbon and hybrid glass-carbon fibers reinforced polymeric composites in power transmission coupling is investigated. The presented work is generalized to thermoplastic and thermoset polymeric matrix composites. The effects of the constituents weight percentages, and average fibers length on the composite tensile strength and modulus are studied using the Taguchi design of experiments method. A new approach of Finite Element analysis is introduced to model the effect of the hybrid fibers random distribution and average fibers length among the volume of the matrix. Each fiber is simulated independently in the model as a three dimensional truss element embedded in the matrix. The FEA model is applied on the tensile specimen and then on the power transmission coupling simulation. Finally, the new approach of finite element analysis results on the coupling are validated.</p></div>