Antihyperglycemic, antihyperlipidemic and antioxidative evaluation of compounds from <i>Senna sophera</i> (L.) Roxb in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

<p><i>Senna sophera</i> (L.) Roxb (Common name: <i>Kasunda</i>, <i>Baner</i>) (<i>Leguminosae</i>) is used as traditional medicine in Africa and Asia. The compounds were isolated from methanolic extract of leaves of <i>Senna sophera</i> (MFCS). Compound A was identified as Hexahydroxy diphenic acid and Compound B as Kaempferol. MFCS administration to diabetic rats exhibited significant reduction in the blood sugar level and showed gain in body weight. After the treatment of 100 mg/kg of MFCS, the blood sugar level was reduced to 52.33 ± 2.83 mg/dl in comparison to the blood sugar level of vehicle control 76.66 ± 3.17 mg/dl, whereas treatment with 50 mg/kg of MFCS reduced the blood sugar level slightly (72.33 ± 2.42 mg/dl). The daily continuous administration of MFCS for a period of 21 days normalised the serum lipid levels confirming the effect of MFCS on diabetic hyperlipidemia. Treatment with MFCS also reversed the activities of antioxidants, which could be a result of decreased lipid peroxidation.</p>