Antiglioma pseurotin A from marine <i>Bacillus</i> sp. FS8D regulating tumour metabolic enzymes

<p>Pseurotin A was isolated from a culture of marine <i>Bacillus</i> sp. FS8D and showed to be active against the proliferation of four different glioma cells with IC<sub>50</sub> values of 0.51–29.3 μM. It has been found that pseurotin A downregulated the expression of tumour glycolytic enzymes pyruvate kinase M2 (PKM2) and lactate dehydrogenase 5 (LDH5) and upregulated the expression of pyruvate dehydrogenase beta (PDHB), adenosine triphosphate synthase beta (ATPB) and cytochrome C (Cyto-C), the important regulators for tricarboxylic acid cycle and oxidative phosphorylation. The data suggested that targeting multiple metabolic enzymes might be one of the antiglioma mechanisms of pseurotin A.</p>