Anticholinergic toxicity in a one-year-old male following ingestion of Lupinus mutabilis seeds: case report

<div><p>ABSTRACT CONTEXT: The seeds from Lupinus mutabilis Sweet, also called “chocho”, are an important part of the diet in several countries in South America. Prior to consumption, processing is required to remove toxic alkaloids. These alkaloids are known to have pharmacological properties as antiarrhythmics, antimuscarinics and hypoglycemics. CASE REPORT: We report a case in which a one-year-old male initially presented with altered mental status and respiratory distress and subsequently developed symptoms of anticholinergic toxicity, after ingesting a large amount of chocho seeds. CONCLUSION: In spite of going through a difficult clinical condition, the subject evolved favorably through receiving supportive treatment. The seeds from Lupinus mutabilis provide nutritional benefits when consumed, but people need to know their risks when these seeds are consumed without proper preparation.</p></div>