Antibacterial effect of butyryl alkannin from <i>Arnebia euchroma</i> against vancomycin-resistant pathogens of <i>Enterococcus faecalis</i> causing urinary tract infections

<div><p>This study was carried out to investigate the biomedicinal potential of a bioactive marker component, butyryl alkannin, isolated from <i>n</i>-hexane root extract of <i>Arnebia euchroma</i> against various vancomycin-resistant <i>Enterococcus</i> (VRE) isolates of <i>Enterococcus faecalis</i> causing urinary tract infections. As a result, butyryl alkannin showed significant antibacterial activity against multidrug-resistant <i>E. faecalis</i> pathogens of VRE as minimum inhibitory concentration values which were found in the range of 3.13 to 6.26 μg ml<sup>− 1</sup>. The findings of this study justify biological and biomedicinal potential of butyryl alkannin compound as confirmed by its higher and significant antibacterial efficacy against VRE isolates of <i>E. faecalis</i> as compared to standard antibiotic vancomycin.</p></div>