Anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative activities of <i>Ixora brevifolia</i> Benth. (Rubiaceae)

<p>The crude extract and fractions from the branches of <i>Ixora brevifolia</i>, a tree found in the Brazilian Cerrado, were tested for anti-inflammatory and <i>in vitro</i> antiproliferative effects. The crude extract and <i>n</i>-hexane fraction exhibited significant inhibition of ear oedema in mice, while <i>n</i>-hexane-precipitated and chloroform fractions strongly inhibited the myeloperoxidase activity in ear tissue. The <i>n</i>-hexane and <i>n</i>-hexane-precipitated fractions showed strong growth inhibition for glioma cell line and the hydromethanolic fraction inhibited the growth of leukaemia cell line.</p>