Anti-<i>Blomia tropicalis</i> IgE levels in serum samples assayed using as antigens <i>B</i>. <i>tropicalis</i> extract depleted or not of carbohydrate.

<p>Anti-<i>Blomia tropicalis</i> IgE levels were measured by indirect in-house ELISA in individuals positive for this antibody in IMMUNOCAP and were divided in two groups: SPT negative or positive for the same allergen. Antigen was treated with methaperiodate and the sera were assayed against raw and methaperiodate treated antigens. *Difference of sIgE results between SPT positive and SPT negative children (Mann–Whitney test). **Difference of sIgE results before and after antigen treatment with methaperiodate (Wilcoxon test).</p>