Angiosperms from rocky outcrops of Pedra do Elefante, Nova Venécia, Espírito Santo, Brazil

Abstract We provide a floristic inventory of Angiosperms from rocky outcrops of the Área de Proteção Ambiental Pedra do Elefante, Espírito Santo, Brazil. Fieldwork was performed monthly from March/2015 to July/2016. A checklist with 302 species belonging to 219 genera and 74 families is provided. Bromeliaceae, Orchidaceae, Fabaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Apocynaceae, Asteraceae, Cactaceae, Convolvulaceae, Rubiaceae, Bignoniaceae and Cyperaceae are the richest families with around 50% of the listed species. One hundred forty seven species are exclusively rupicolous, 125 spp. exclusively terricolous, 26 spp. are epiphytes, and six species are found as both rupicolous and terricolous. Phanerophytes and chamaephytes were predominant life forms. Our results added 18 new records to the Espírito Santo state, indicated the occurrence of nine endemic species for the state and noticed that only 55 taxa of the total of species have threat assessments according to IUCN.