Aneurysms of brachial artery and vein induced by continuous use of crutch: case report

<p></p><p>Abstract Crutch-induced arterial aneurysm is a rare event and there are no descriptions in the literature of cases with concomitant venous aneurysms. We report the case of a patient who, after prolonged crutch use, presented with acute ischemia of the upper limb secondary to brachial artery aneurysm thrombosis, associated with the incidental finding of brachial vein aneurysms. Although the main cause of acute upper limb occlusion is embolization of cardiac origin, consideration should be given to the possibility of arterio-arterial embolization due to an aneurysm induced by prolonged use of crutches. Venous aneurysms should also be suspected since they can be sites of thrombosis, and a source of pulmonary embolism.</p><p></p>