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Analysis of the use of OJS interoperable resources. Study since the journals included in SCRCyT, Conacyt, Mexico

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posted on 04.08.2017 by Rosario Rogel-Salazar, Irvin Santiago-Bautista, Néstor Daniel Martínez-Domínguez

We analyse interoperability tasks of 110 OJS journals with different usage levels, and identify the main problems present for exchanging information with various platforms and databases (DOAJ, Scielo, Dialnet, Redib).

The problems are grouped into two kinds: those attributed to the lack of technical training for the journal editorial teams, and those related to the conditions of interoperability of the platform itself, or that of other systems.

Understanding the causes behind these interoperability problems contributes to the generation of technical improvement proposals for different scientific information platforms as well as the training of the editorial teams themselves.