Analysis of behavior of beam-column assembly connection for precast concrete structures

<p></p><p>Abstract The paper presents the evaluation of pinned connection between precast columns and beams, which can be used as temporary connections during the assembly phase. The use of a "U" shaped steel corbel embedded in the column and a hollow rectamgular steel hanger embedded in the beam, was the proposed model for the connection. The connection between the beam and the column was accomplished by the fitting of elements. To evaluate the structural behavior of connections components, steel corbel and steel hanger, a both analytical and experimental study was conducted. The experimental part included a structural frame, with the temporary connection in study, which was submitted to a test with static and monotonic loadings. The main experimental results were: a) the last bending moment for the steel corbel, in relation to the bending moment of plastification of the cross section, was 37.9% higher than the analytically determined value and, in relation to the bending moment at the beginning of steel yielding, the result obtained experimentally was 15.8% higher than the one determined analytically; b) the strength related to the bending moment at the beginning of steel yielding, for the steel ranger, was 61.1% higher than that determined analytically.</p><p></p>