Analysis of Pig Vomeronasal Receptor Type 1 (V1R) Promoter Region Reveals a Common Promoter Motif but Poor CpG Islands

2017-11-09T21:25:53Z (GMT) by Hunduma Dinka Minh Thong Le
<p>Promoters are, generally, located immediately upstream of a transcription start site (TSS) and have a variety of regulatory motifs, such as transcription factors (TFs) and CpG islands (CGIs), that participate in the regulation of gene expression. Here analysis of the promoter region for pig vomeronasal receptor type 1 (V1R) was described. In the analysis, TSSs for pig V1R genes was first identified and five motifs (MV1, MV2, MV3, MV4, and MV5) were found that are shared by at least 50% of the pig V1R promoter input sequences from both strands. Among the five motifs, MV2 was identified as a common promoter motif shared by all (100%) pig V1R promoters. For further analysis, to better characterize and get deeper biological insight associated with MV2, TOMTOM web application was used. MV2 was compared to the known motif databases (such as JASPAR) to see if they are similar to a known regulatory motif (transcription factor). Hence, it was revealed that MV2 serves as the binding site mainly for the BetaBetaAlpha-zinc finger (BTB-ZF) transcription factor gene family to regulate expression of pig V1R genes. Moreover, it was shown that pig V1R promoters are CpG poor, suggesting that their gene expression regulation pattern is in tissue specific manner.</p>