An update for cladoceran fauna (Crustacea, Branchiopoda) from Lake Paranoá, Central Brazil, with the first description of a male of Leydigiopsis ornata Daday, 1905

<div><p>Abstract Until recently, Lake Paranoá was considered the most thoroughly studied aquatic environment in relation to cladocerans in the Federal District. However, in new samplings carried out during the dry and rainy seasons of 2014, we found 10 new records of species. These species were presumed to occur in Lake Paranoá because of their range of geographical distribution. The male of Leydigiopsis ornata Daday, 1905 is described for the first time, adding new morphological traits to a recent redescription of the species. The presence of three rows of setulae on the labral keel is unique to the L. ornata male. As is the case in females, the male of L. ornata is mainly differentiated from L. megalops Sars, 1901 and L. curvirostris Sars, 1901 by the morphology of the postabdomen.</p></div>