An integrated approach based on system dynamics and ANP for evaluating sustainable transportation policies

2018-12-06T04:56:14Z (GMT) by Reza Sayyadi Anjali Awasthi

Transportation systems are growing and complex systems. The presence of multiple, correlated, dynamically changing elements in this system with dependence and feedback add further complexity to the problem. In this paper, we present an integrated approach based on system dynamics (SD) simulation and analytic network process (ANP) for evaluating sustainable transport policies. Five policies namely trip sharing (TRS), trip rate reduction (TRR), reducing the length of the road network (LRN), car ownership (CAO), and average kilometres travelled (AKT) are evaluated against three criteria namely congestion level (CONG), fuel consumption (FULC), and emission (EMIS). The data for the policies is generated via system dynamics simulation. ANP is used to rank the evaluation criteria and the alternatives (sustainable transportation policies). A numerical study is provided. The results of our study reveal that trip sharing based policies perform better in comparison to the other policies for achieving sustainability in a transportation system.