An incentivized early remediation program in Calculus I

2018-08-10T04:40:16Z (GMT) by J. Vandenbussche L. Ritter C. Scherrer
<p>Strong prerequisite skills are essential to student success in the calculus sequence; however, many students arrive in Calculus I with weaknesses that are difficult for them to overcome. In this paper, we describe an approach to early incentivized remediation of prerequisite material in a Calculus I course. We present data that supports the idea that a lack of prerequisite knowledge is a significant hurdle for students, but also that participation in the remediation program is correlated with student success. In addition, the program allows for the very early identification of students at high risk of failing. The program is easy to implement, and it would be adaptable to a variety of other courses for which prerequisite knowledge is essential for success including science courses, engineering courses and other mathematics courses.</p>