An exploratory study of international students studying and living in a regional area

2017-06-06T02:48:44Z (GMT) by Poh, Huay Jun Townsend, Peter
The aim of this research is to explore the similarity and differences international students encounter while studying and living in a regional area as compared to their homeland. This study builds on both academic and lifestyle issues previous identified in research and explore the international students' experiences on their academic adjustments while living in a regional area. The findings of this investigation identified three themes: education, finance and culture. The analysis identified that students experience some level of difficulties at an initial stage but were positively accustomed to the local settings after a period of time. Finally, these and the findings in this paper are valuable to educational institutions especially those of regional areas seeking to understand what and how international students behave and act when studying and living in a regional area. Additionally, this paper will also give prospective students an overall understanding of what to expect when they choose to study in a regional area in Australia.



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