An expert system for men genital problems diagnosis and treatment

2016-07-29T02:32:47Z (GMT) by Samy S Abu Naser Mones M Al-Hanjori
Male genital problems and injuries may occur quite simply because of the scrotum and penis are not protected like other organs.
Genital problems and injuries normally happen through: recreational activities (like Football, Hooky, biking, basketball), workrelated
tasks (like contact to irritating chemicals), downhill drop, and sexual activity.
A genital injury frequently causes harsh pain that typically disappear fast without causing enduring harm. Home handling is
generally all that is required for trivial problems or injuries. Pain, inflammation, staining, or rashes that are coexist with other
symptoms might be a source for concern. Genital problems in men is one of the most common problems which requires fast
intervention. In this paper we present an expert system that help men diagnose their genital problems and give them the proper
SL5 Object expert system language was used to design and implement this expert system