An efficient technique for creating a continuum of equal-area map projections

2017-12-05T17:27:45Z (GMT) by Daniel “daan” Strebe
<p>Equivalence (the equal-area property of a map projection) is important to some categories of maps. However, unlike for conformal projections, completely general techniques have not been developed for creating new, computationally reasonable equal-area projections. The literature describes many specific equal-area projections and a few equal-area projections that are more or less configurable, but flexibility is still sparse. This work develops a tractable technique for generating a continuum of equal-area projections between two chosen equal-area projections. The technique gives map projection designers unlimited choice in tailoring the projection to the need. The technique is particularly suited to maps that dynamically adapt optimally to changing scale and region of interest, such as required for online maps.</p>