An efficient approach to analysis of distortion in complex welded structures

2017-11-30T04:59:10Z (GMT) by O. P. Gupta
<p>This paper presents a methodology for evaluation of distortion in complex welded structures using an inherent strain approach. Although inherent strains were used by number of investigators earlier, they used time-consuming thermo-elastic-plastic analysis of near weld zone to obtain inherent strains. This analysis had to be performed separately for each different weld. Correlation between extensive experimental data on distortion and inherent strain is used in the work reported here and it avoids thermo-elastic-plastic analysis completely, making the FE analysis very fast. The examples taken from the literature, where experiments were performed on complex welded structure, are used as verification examples. The versatility of the method for use on any odd configuration and the accuracy of results obtained using this method is demonstrated.</p>