An IDL routine to estimate the mass of low-mass stars and brown dwarfs (v2)

2015-06-23T18:54:38Z (GMT) by Jonathan Gagné
<p>This IDL routine uses the 2MASS and WISE J, H, Ks, W1 and W2 apparent magnitudes and the distance of a given object, along with an estimated age range, to determine its most probable mass range using BT-Settl isochrones (Allard et al. 2013; Baraffe et al. 2003) in a likelihood analysis. Errors on the distance and photometry, when input, are propagated to the estimated mass range.</p> <p>**IMPORTANT NOTE : Please read the header of for installation instructions**</p> <p>Please cite Gagné et al. 2014, Baraffe et al. 2003, Allard et al. 2013 and Rajpurohit et al. 2013 (see links below) if you use this procedure.</p>