***Outdated, v1*** An IDL routine to estimate the mass of low-mass stars and brown dwarfs

<p>***This fileset is outdated. Please refer to the last link below for an up-to-date-version***</p> <p>This IDL routine uses the 2MASS and WISE J, H, Ks, W1 and W2 apparent magnitudes and the distance of a given object, along with an estimated age range, to determine its most probable mass range using AMES-COND isochrones (Baraffe et al. (2003) in combination with CIFIST2011 BT-SETTL atmosphere models (Allard et al. 2013, Rajpurohit et al. 2013) in a likelihood analysis. Errors on the distance and photometry, when input, are propagated to the estimated mass range. This routine was used to estimate the masses of candidate members in Table 3 of Gagné et al. (2014).</p> <p>**IMPORTANT NOTE : To be able using this routine, you will have to download the IDL save file named "baraffe_interpol_input.sav" and modify the first line of the "baraffe_interpol.pro" routine to your local path that leads to the file.**</p> <p>See the main file "banyan_mass.pro" for more information on how to use this routine.</p> <p>Please cite Gagné et al. 2014, Baraffe et al. 2003, Allard et al. 2013 and Rajpurohit et al. 2013 (see links) if you use this procedure.</p>