An Early Warning System for You: Wisconsin’s Open Source Predictive Analytic Approach

2014-10-21T01:15:23Z (GMT) by Jared Knowles
<p>In the past two years, Wisconsin has deployed a Dropout Early Warning System (DEWS) for all<br>students in grades 6–9 in the state. During this time, the agency has committed to open sourcing<br>the core components of this system to share with others. The Wisconsin DEWS toolset can be<br>adopted to solve various problems, including those related to predicting assessment scores,<br>college-going, or high school completion. Built on the cutting edge predictive analytics within the<br>R programming language, these tools will help you make better predictions and easily understand<br>the accuracy of the resulting models. This presentations will provide an overview of the tools.</p> <p> </p>



CC BY 4.0