Amakihi point transect data

2015-01-23T00:57:40Z (GMT) by David Miller
<p>Amakihi point transect data<br>===========================</p> <p>Data used in paper "Mixture models for distance sampling detection functions" by David L. Miller and Len Thomas. Taken from Marques et al (2007) and were provided by Steve Fancy.</p> <p>These are distance sampling point transect observations of 1485 Hawaii Amakihi (Hemignathus virens). Data include distances and covariates (see below).</p> <p>Survey details<br>==============</p> <p>Adapted from the data description in Marques et al (2007):</p> <p>Data were collected as part of a larger survey on the island of Hawaii (Fancy et al. 1997). Multispecies point transect surveys were performed at 7 survey periods between July 1992 and April 1995. There were 41 point count stations, although they were not all surveyed in some survey periods.</p> <p>Data format<br>===========</p> <p>Comma separated value file with one row for each of the 1485 observations, each with the following 7 columns:</p> <p>survey : Factor with 7 levels giving the date of the survey (e.g. "Apr 93").<br>object : Unique identifier per observation.<br>distance : Exact distances to observed birds in metres.<br>obs : Factor with 3 levels giving observer ("SGF","TJS","TKP")<br>mas : Minutes after sunrise that the observation took place.<br>has : Hours (integer) after sunrise that the observation took place.<br>observed : Column of 1s indicated that the individual was observed (needed for analysis software).</p> <p>References<br>==========</p> <p>Fancy, SG, TJ Snetsinger, and JD Jacoby. Translocation of the Palila, an endangered Hawaiian honeycreeper. Pacific Conservation Biology 3 (1997) 39-46.</p> <p>Marques, TA, L Thomas, SG Fancy, and ST Buckland. Improving Estimates of Bird Density Using Multiple-Covariate Distance Sampling. The Auk 124, no. 4 (2007): 1229–43.</p> <p> </p>



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