Altmetric for ORCID; #2amconf version

2015-10-07T09:55:24Z (GMT) by Keita Bando

The Altmetric for ORCID Bookmarklet

Get article level metrics for any ORCID Records.

Interested in how much impact have the Works of yourself or other researchers got so far in ORCID Records?

This application let you see the Altmetric Score metrics of works on your browser when you click the bookmarklet in ORCID Record pages. The bookmarklet supports Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

How to get started

Add bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbarVisit any ORCID RecordsNote: When you want to see the Altmetric Score of your own works while you're logging in, click "View Public Profile"

Get article level metrics by clicking the bookmarklet