Altmetric for ORCID

2015-05-18T12:35:42Z (GMT) by Keita Bando

Altmetrics tools such as Altmetric and ImpactStory calculate impact of research outputs using DOI, PMID or arXivID as tracking IDs. Above all, DOI is essential for altmetrics tools. [1]

Recently, a number of tools including figshare and ResearchGate give DOIs to various research data, not to mention general academic papers. This trend shows some signs that further embracement of DOI among research outputs is on track. [2][3]

Meanwhile, ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID), a nonproprietary alphanumeric code to uniquely identify scientific and other academic authors, is apparently trying to consolidate its registry by getting more Works(research outputs) registered with DOIs in ORCID Record(resercher's profile page).[4]

However, we do not take good advantage of DOIs in ORCID right now.

Based on these assumptions, our project will make considerable efforts to increase the value and utility of Works with DOIs in ORCID Record, by developing an application (browser bookmarklet) which display altmetrics for Works in the record.

The application let you see the Altmetric Score metrics of Works on your browser when you start the bookmarklet in your ORCID Record page. The bookmarklet will support Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

The project aims to:

increase registration of Works along with DOIs in ORCID Recordget universal recognition of importance of altmetrics (and DOI)

By achieving the above, we believe the project can be:

a catalyst which push research outputs into academic publications such as journals and repositories (they give DOIs to works).a key driver which prompts researchers to publish their works in order to obtain DOI (Open Data + DOI).

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[2] All research outputs should be citable.

[3] Cooperation between DataCite and ResearchGate | DataCite




CC BY 4.0