Altmetric data on top 100 articles by citations (as reported in 2014)

2014-11-06T12:14:39Z (GMT) by Euan Adie Catherine Chimes
<p>An article published recently in Nature looked at the top 100 most highly cited papers from 1900 onwards, based on data from the Thomson Reuters Web of Science Database.</p> <p>The article highlighted that it is (perhaps unsurprisingly) much older articles that have accrued the majority of citations to date and therefore dominate the list – with more recent breakthroughs and nobel-prize winning advances struggling to compete with the 12,119 citations it would take to rank in the top 100.</p> <p>We were curious to see what other kind of attention these articles might have been receiving in recent years. At Altmetric our data goes back reliably until November 2012 – meaning that we have been tracking our sources for any mentions of those articles since then.</p> <p>This dataset lists counts in different data sources tracked by Altmetric for the top 100 articles listed in the Nature piece.</p>