Algas bentônicas da Lagoa de Piratininga, Niterói, RJ, Brasil

Piratininga Lagoon lies within the municipality of Niterói, Rio de Janeiro State (22􏰀 56 '

S a 43 􏰀 00 ' W􏰀). This lagoon recieves two main tributaries, River Jacaré, its main source of fresh water and River Cafubá. The Channel of Camboatá an artificial opening links with the neighboring Itaipu Lagoon. Samples were collected monthly from february 1990 to january 1991 at 7 sites along the lagoon bank. A total of 14 taxa (12 Chlorophyta, 1 Rhodophyta and 1 Charophyta) were found. The most important family was Cladophoraceae (50% of the taxa), and the second, Ulvaceae (36%). The occurrence of laminar and filamentous thalli were striking. Modesto Island was the richest (12 taxa), followed by the Channel of Camboatá (8 taxa) of all the collection points. July (9 taxa) was the richest and december the poorest (1 taxon) sample times (monthly). The number of taxa oscillated a lot along the twelve months of collection, characterizing an absence of sazonality.