Ale Ebrahim, N., Ahmed, S., & Taha, Z. (2011). Virtual R&D Teams: A potential growth of education-industry collaboration. Academic Leadership Journal, 9(4), 1-5.

<p>Introduction:</p> <p>With the advent of the global economy and high-speed Internet, online collaboration is fast becoming the norm in education and industry [1]. Information technology (IT) creates many new inter-relationships among businesses, expands the scope of industries in which a company must compete to achieve the competitive advantage. Information systems and technology allow companies to coordinate their activities in distant geographic locations [2]. IT is providing the infrastructure necessary to support the development of new collaboration forms among industry and education. Virtual research and development (R&D) teams represent one such relational form, one that could revolutionize the workplace and provide organizations with unprecedented levels of flexibility and responsiveness [3-4].</p>