Adipogenic changes in the growth plate chondrocytes transfected with a PPAR plasmid under the control of a collagen 1(II) promoter

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Taken from "Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-γ Promotes Adipogenic Changes in Growth Plate Chondrocytes In Vitro"

PPAR Research 2006;2006():-.

Published online 20 Sep 2006


(a) Growth plate cells were transfected with the p1757-PPAR plasmid. Transfected cells were maintained in pellet cultures for 10 days, followed by Oil Red-O staining. (b) Quantitative PCR analysis of adipogenic markers of the p1757-PPAR transfected growth plate cells at day 4 after transfection. Cells transfected with the empty p1757 plasmid were used as controls. Gene expression levels were normalized with respect to endogenous 18S rRNA. * < .05 versus the expression in control cells.