Additional files for "Molecular variation across populations of a widespread North American firefly, Photinus pyralis, reveals that coding changes do not underlie flash color variation or associated visual sensitivity"

Collection information for specimens used

2a-c. Alignments used for assessing luciferase variation (.nex files)

3. lenient.hw.vcf
vcf-format file for 2019 RAD loci used in analysis

4. lenient.hw.sigloci_noLUC804.gen.complete.txt
genpop-format file of 2019 RAD loci and variable luciferase, LW opsin, and UV opsin SNPs

Tab-delimited file with results from 10 LOSITAN and 2 BayeScan runs

6. SUPPLEMENTARY FILE Optimization 7_8_17
Word document showing stacks parameter optimization output