Additional file 9: of Satellite cells maintain regenerative capacity but fail to repair disease-associated muscle damage in mice with Pompe disease

Figure S9. Efficient regeneration of GAAKO-muscle after cardiotoxin-induced injury in GAA-deficient animals on a C57/Bl6 background. The figure shows histological sections from TA HE-stained sections from 12 and 48 week old WT(Bl6) and Gaa−/− (Bl6) animals at indicated time points after injury uisng cardiotoxin (CTX)-injection. The upper panels show HE-stained sections from QF muscle, while the middle panels show images from regenerating GAS. The lower panels depict regenerating QF from 11 months old WT(Bl6) and Gaa−/− (Bl6) animals. These data demonstrate that the capacity to regenerate after experimental injury is also maintained in GAA-deficient muscle on a C57/Bl6 background. (PDF 386 kb)