Additional file 7: of Sequence variation and functional analysis of a FRIGIDA orthologue (BnaA3.FRI) in Brassica napus

The effect of different BnaC3.FRI haplotypes on mean days to flowering in SORs (accession numbers of mHAP1-3 were 33, 2, and 4, respectively) (A-C), and SWORs (accession numbers of mHAP1-3 were 87, 19, and 11, respectively) (D-F), and WOR (accession numbers of mHAP1 and 2 were 5 and 12, respectively) (G). Numbers above each box indicate the means of days to flowering for the three growing conditions (2013XN = at year 2013, Qinghai, spring environment; 2014LZ = at year 2014, Gansu, spring environment; 2014WH = at year 2014, Wuhan, semi-winter environment). ‘mHAP’ marker-based haplotype. (TIFF 590 kb)