Additional file 7: of Molecular pathways associated with the nutritional programming of plant-based diet acceptance in rainbow trout following an early feeding exposure

Confirmation by real-time RT-PCR of selected genes differentially expressed in trout swim-up fry (a), juvenile brain (b) and liver (c) based on early exposure to plant-based diet. Bars represent mean ± standard deviation of four fish, asterisks indicate significant (p < 0.05) differences. The fold change as identified by microarray analysis is outlined in the accompanying table. The genes chosen for the swim-up fry were keratin 13 (K13), Lissencephaly-1 homolog B (pafah1b1b), purpurin (rbp4l) and chymotrypsin B (Ctrb1). The genes chosen for the brain were Glucagon-2 (gcg2), purpurin (rbp4l), somatolactin (SL), Recoverin (Rcvrn) and cholecystokinin-Thr (CCK-T). The genes chosen for the liver were chymotrypsin B (Ctrb1), keratin 13 (K13) and cytosolic sulfotransferase 3 (ST1S3). The data from microarray experiments for probe expression of the corresponding genes is included in the table below the graphs. (PPTX 281 kb)