Additional file 7: Figure S6. of Evolutionary origin of type IV classical cadherins in arthropods

Comparison of the exon-intron organizations of type IVa, type IVb and type III cadherin genes. Alignment of the amino acid sequences of the EC1-EC6 region of type IVa cadherins, the EC1-EC8 region of type IVb cadherins, and the EC6-EC13 region of type III cadherins was produced using the ClustalW algorithm without manual adjustment. The classical cadherins shown are DE-, Dp1-, Ea1-, Le1-, Ha1-, Ph1-, Pt1-, Sm2-, Cm-, Le2-, and DN-cadherins. The EC domains for type IVa, type IVb, and type III cadherin are indicated above the DE-, Le1- and, Pt1-cadherin sequence, respectively. Blue lines with breakages indicate exons, and the breaking points indicate intron insertion sites revealed by comparisons with the corresponding genomic sequences. (PDF 1348 kb)