Additional file 6: of Uncovering the trimethylamine-producing bacteria of the human gut microbiota

Detailed diversity analysis of obtained cutC (A) and cntA (B) amplicons. Sequences were clustered on the nucleotide level over a range of identities from 99 to 90%. The vertical-axis shows the number of clusters (marked by white circle) at distinct clustering identities (horizontal-axis). At each clustering cutoff, two columns are depicted: the left column shows the cluster distribution, i.e., cluster presence in percentage of samples (binned into four distinct percentage categories), whereas the right column shows the relative abundance of clusters from each category. For instance, in panel A at a clustering cutoff of 5%, the third abundance category, i.e., present in 50–90% of samples (dark violet), comprises 2.5% of all (n = 1310) clusters (thus, 33 clusters) that contribute to 24.2% of total cutC sequences at that cutoff level. (PDF 47 kb)