Additional file 6: of Molecular profile of dissociative drug ketamine in relation to its rapid antidepressant action

The table summarizing results of gene expression profiling of ketamine effects in the mouse striatum using RNA-seq (n = 4). In the first sheet 23 genes regulated by ketamine selected from the microarray profiling are listed with their chromosome location, fold change over control, p-value and FDR. The second sheet presents a list of the 15 selected genes with significant differences in expression between ketamine-treated and saline controls (p < 0.05) with annotated transcripts abundance and fold change of drug-induced alterations for each regulated transcript. Transcripts were annotated using the Ensembl gene database. For each transcript the analysis on exon level (third sheet) was performed showing exon location on chromosome, fold change, p-value, FDR and the number of reads for each exon and sample. The last sheet contains a list of transcript biotypes annotation and classification using the BioMart interface to the Ensembl gene database. (XLSX 81 kb)