Additional file 6: of Genome-wide survey and phylogeny of S-Ribosylhomocysteinase (LuxS) enzyme in bacterial genomes

Cladograms of LuxS protein sequences showing (A) taxonomic distribution of species (Colour code: Blue: Firmicutes; Pink: Actinobacteria; Yellow: Bacteroidetes; Cyan: Spirochaetes; Red: Proteobacteria; Brown: Fusobacteria; Green: Deinococcus-Thermales) and habitat distribution of bacteria possessing the LuxS proteins (B), colour codes: Pink: Gut/Faecal microorganisms; Purple: Animal and Human pathogens; Brown: Soil-dwelling bacteria; Yellow-green: Food-associated bacteria; Forest-green: Plant-associated bacteria; Sky blue: Halophiles; Navy blue: Alkaliphiles; Cyan: Psychrophiles; Orange: Thermophiles; Grey: Radiation-resistant bacteria; Yellow: Hydrothermal vent inhabiting bacteria; Light blue: Marine bacteria; Blue-green: Plant pathogens; Black: Habitat information not available). (PDF 2242 kb)