Additional file 6: of Geminin prevents DNA damage in vagal neural crest cells to ensure normal enteric neurogenesis

Figure S5. Ablation of Gem from ENCCs does not affect their commitment to the neuronal and glial lineages. (A), Quantification of short-term cultured GFP+ ENCCs of control and Sox10CreER(i10)|Gem embryos, immunostained for GFP, Ki67, pH3, Sox10, BFABP, S100, Tuj1, HuC/D and processed for EdU labelling. Unpaired t-test, insignificant differences observed. (B–D), Relative quantitation of Sox10, Phox2b, Ret, HuC and BFABP transcript levels in the ENCCs of Sox10CreER(i10)|Gem embryos from the stomach, midgut and caecum-hindgut, respectively. Values were normalised to the levels of GFP. Multiple t-tests without correction, insignificant differences observed. (TIF 1381 kb)